Senior Executive Diversity Talent Pool

In our case study of a Senior Executive Diversity Talent Pool, a global manufacturing company retained BWC Executive Group, LLC (BWC) to identify and profile top, diverse senior-level executives working at competitor companies and appropriate heavy equipment and automotive companies. The CEO set a strategy to transform the company’s senior leadership team by making it more diverse.

The Challenge

Senior executive teams were overwhelmingly white and male. This gave the impression the Old Boys’ Network was alive and well in the client’s manufacturing sector.

Actionable Intelligence

To ensure the inclusion of diverse talent in candidate slates, we identified, profiled, and mapped diverse executive talent of Asian, African-American/Black, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, and Pacific Islander descent. We also identified female executives. Using both primary and secondary information, BWC gathered and mapped diverse senior leadership at the Vice President, Senior Vice President, Executive Vice President, and C-level. We targeted the leading tier 1 manufacturing companies of automotive and heavy equipment, aftermarket parts manufacturers, and tier 3 manufacturers. 

The Results

We provided our client with more than 825 profiles, all available contact information, biographies, and profile photos. The diverse talent pool is being used to ensure a level playing field. The diversity initiative gives our clients access to the best and brightest candidates for possible recruitment. Moreover, by proactively investing in diversity research, the company has taken steps to demonstrate its commitment to diversity at the senior executive level.

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