One of the important messages in the Talent War is that no company, industry, or CEO has a death grip on talent. Who is your choice? The manager working for a great company who is not going anywhere? Or the guy from an also-ran operation who is brilliant, motivate, and an impressive strategic thinker? The…

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Why You Can’t Find Good Talent

A Common Tale So, you want to hire good talent. You sit down, fire up your favorite word processor, and hammer out a Director of Global Supply Chain job description.  It’s full of the latest stuff. The job posting has leading global sales & operations planning (S&OP), lead the global demand planning, develop and executing…

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How to Hire Executives

There's so much they can learn from him

To build a great company you’ll need to hire great people – it’s one of the top three priorities of the CEO. Executives have outsized influence on your company, and there is a slightly different process to hire them versus most employees. Today, I’ll share my experience hiring executives to clarify my thinking, learn it…

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