Vice President of Strategic Sourcing

In light of the unprecedented challenges gripping the global supply chain landscape, our team embarked on a mission to identify a true catalyst for change within our client’s organization. Our pursuit was not just for a candidate but for a transformative force – someone who excelled not only in stakeholder management but also possessed the technical prowess required across diverse categories.

With a history of successfully placing leaders in various units across your global business, our client’s team entrusted us with a paramount responsibility. They sought our expertise to secure a candidate for one of the most critical roles within their largest business unit, wielding a staggering $2 billion in spend. The need extended beyond technical skills; it demanded executive presence and exceptional communication in these tumultuous times. Our client’s team recognized that BWC Executive Group possessed the essential tools to execute this VP-level search.

Drawing upon our extensive knowledge and network in this domain, we meticulously mapped potential candidates, considering target companies held in high esteem by your organization. Our efforts resulted in the identification of eighteen top-tier candidates who embodied the ideal fit. Remarkably, our search led us to a candidate from a direct competitor. This individual brought with them not only a wealth of procurement expertise but also a track record of global leadership, having overseen teams spanning the United States, Europe, and China.

Following a rigorous interview process encompassing multiple video calls, an onsite interview, and a thorough personality assessment, we extended an offer to the selected candidate. Their acceptance was met with genuine enthusiasm and gratitude. In August 2023, they assumed their role and immediately immersed themselves in the fast-paced and intricately challenging supply chain environment. Leading a team of over forty individuals and serving as a pivotal partner to stakeholders within the organization, they have swiftly become a change agent for your growing business. Moreover, their potential as a future successor to the SVP of Supply Chain, with whom we closely collaborated throughout this process, is already a topic of consideration.

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