Why You Can’t Find Good Talent

A Common Tale So, you want to hire good talent. You sit down, fire up your favorite word processor, and hammer out a Director of Global Supply Chain job description.  It’s full of the latest stuff. The job posting has leading global sales & operations planning (S&OP), lead the global demand planning, develop and executing…

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How CDOs, CIOs, CTOS, and CMOs work together

AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept

Keeping C-level positions distinct has always been somewhat difficult. As the past decade has added several new tech-related C-level spots, differentiating between them has become an even larger and more important task. Clustered around the established CEO, COO, and CFO roles in a whole new commander-in-chief line, as the emerging CDO. These roles steer the…

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How to Join a Corporate Board? Here’s How

There has always been a certain mystique about how corporate boards are constructed. In broad terms, corporate boards are guided by the bylaws set in place to oversee and approve annual budgets, make sure there are adequate resources to run operations, elect the chief executives, and provide general oversight on behalf of shareholders and any…

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How to Hire Executives

There's so much they can learn from him

To build a great company you’ll need to hire great people – it’s one of the top three priorities of the CEO. Executives have outsized influence on your company, and there is a slightly different process to hire them versus most employees. Today, I’ll share my experience hiring executives to clarify my thinking, learn it…

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Making things happen

 How to Make Things Happen in Career  To build the kind of career that will label you as talent, never stop thinking about how to make things happen, and never let your superiors forget how much you are contributing to their success. You must turn yourself into a certain kind of person. Every day you…

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Supply Chain & Logistics

Artificial Intelligence Technology

AI ‘takes over the heavy lifting traditionally done by humans. It delivers deep analysis down to the SKU level, not practical with a manual approach.’ Adding artificial intelligence to supply chains is delivering tangible benefits for companies putting it in place. Recent research out of McKinsey finds 61% of executives report decreased costs and 53%…

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Shaping the Future of Construction A Breakthrough in Mindset and Technology

Forewords Foreword from the World Economic Forum The world is changing faster than ever before. Consider just one of the globalmegatrends shaking up the construction industry: the population of the world’surban areas is increasing by 200,000 people per day, all of whom need affordablehousing as well as social, transportation and utility infrastructure. In the face…

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